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Can't download DXi V1000 Standard Edition

Started by Carlos Miguel in DXi V1000 INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by Jerry Schmidt 5 hours ago. 5 Replies

Hi,When i click on the icon with the link to download DXi V1000 Standard Edition in this web page(, it goes to another page (…Continue

Best way to move/copy between DXi shares

Started by Alan in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT 18 hours ago. 0 Replies

Hello!I am trying to remove an older DXi share that's improperly named and was setup at a time when we thought our V1000 was temporary (we like it so much we kept it!). Since I can't rename the CIFS share, at least not that I could find, I need to…Continue

Just trying to obtain a license

Started by Nathan Sheehan in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by Jerry Schmidt Nov 17. 1 Reply

I am just trying to obtain a license for the 1000v. I contacted quantum support at the number given on the quick start guide and they directed me to the forum. Continue

Unable to change network configuration

Started by Christian Kirchdorfer in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT Nov 11. 0 Replies

Hi All,during the last days we tried to change the network configuration of eth1, eth2 10 GB connectors.Neither the new assignment of VLAN-Ids, nor the Change of IP, nor the packet sizes could be adjusted.The V1000 starts to reboot after the…Continue

DXi V1000 snmpd crashes

Started by Steve Boyson in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by Steve Boyson Nov 6. 6 Replies

We are running a DXi V1000 (2.3.2 55464-Build12).Quite often (that is: every 3 to 5 minutes) the process "/usr/local/sbin/qtm_snmp_subagent" crashes.*** glibc detected *** /usr/local/sbin/qtm_snmp_subagent: malloc(): memory corruption:…Continue

Tags: snmpd

DXi V1000 Metadata error

Started by Matias Sardi in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by Matias Sardi Oct 13. 2 Replies

Hi all,I have the following service ticket in my DXi V1000 (FW versión 2.3.2 (12170-55464 Build12)):Summary:DXi0: General DXi0 Software : Metadata errorDetails:Your system has detected a metadata inconsistency.Do you have any idea of what to…Continue

License Key Not Accepted

Started by Brian Bosak in vmPRO INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by Richard Schwartfeger Oct 6. 1 Reply

I'm getting the following error when trying to apply the license key from the web interface.  Does anyone know if there is a fix?  The key is from the email that was sent after I downloaded the product, so it should be valid.QSys_Activate failed:…Continue

unexpected inconsistency run fsck manually

Started by Eduard in DXi V1000 INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by Eduard Oct 6. 4 Replies

Hi,my DXI V1000 do not boot anymore. /: unexpected inconsistency run fsck manuallyIs it possible to run fsck without -a -p?  I would need an password to login. I guess this is standard or default Password. But i can not find it.…Continue

Tags: default, password, manually, fsck, inconsistency

vmPRO: license question

Started by Mario Reinicke in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by Richard Schwartfeger Oct 6. 6 Replies

Hello all.I am testing free vmPRO Standard Edition.Quantum sent me a Serial number and link to download license key.My Problem is: vmPRO don't accept this license: license is invalid (Q-1028).The Evaluation mode will expire in 17 days. How can I…Continue

About the vmPRO specification

Started by Masaru Takahashi in vmPRO INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by DoubleDensity Oct 6. 1 Reply

 Is vmPRO the backup application made with technology of vStorageAPI (VADP)?It's mutual using vStorageAPI and what is being done?…Continue


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