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vmpro setup for DR

Started by VLC in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by DoubleDensity yesterday. 1 Reply

We currently use VmPro along with DXi which syncs offsite to another DXi.  What would best practice be to recover VM's in a disaster recovery situation since we have access to the raw data vmpro backups with the remote DXi?ThanksContinue

Tags: recovery, disaster, DR, restore, backup

Quantum vmPRO high CPU / high memory utilization

Started by Ariel Decena in vmPRO INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by Ariel Decena Dec 9. 2 Replies

On page 12 of Quantum vmPRO Best Practices Guide:In general, Quantum recommends that the RAM and CPU allocations for the appliance remain as set in the default settings contained in the .OVF deployment template: 1 vCPU and 1,280 MB vRAM. Under…Continue

DXi V1000 Replication throttle

Started by Nicolas Cruchot in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by Nicolas Cruchot Dec 8. 2 Replies

Hi all,I have 2 DXi V1000 replicating a share in "file/directory" based mode between 2 european countries.It does work pretty well.I just have a problem with the Replication throttle which doesn't seem to work.It is a global one (not schedules), set…Continue

There are corefiles present

Started by Yan Benoist in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by Yan Benoist Nov 19. 2 Replies

Hi,I use a vmPRO free Appliance since a few years and am very happy with it. Since a few days, i see the warning "There are 33 corefiles present".I red in another post that these files should be transmitted automatically to the support but as it's a…Continue

license dxiv1000

Started by stumpydoo in DXi V1000 INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by stumpydoo Nov 19. 3 Replies

Hi,we have deployed a DXIV1000 storage.But the vm can't contact the quantum license server because we don't have access to internet from our datacenter. Please, can we update the license.lic manually?thanksContinue

15TB? shows 1TB

Started by Aaron Sheard in DXi V1000 INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by Mike Simone Nov 14. 1 Reply

the website download link says:Store up to 15TB of data with deduplicationFull-Featured DXi technology in a virtual applianceNo time restraintsService and capacity upgrades availablebut when i install the vm, (which i installed on a 16TB VMFS store)…Continue

How many vmdk disks required for 1 TB and 2 TB version

Started by lecorc in DXi V1000 INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by lecorc Nov 7. 2 Replies

Hi,I try to find how many vmdk disks are required for both version of Dxi V1000 with 1 TB and 2 TB capacity ?it seems that we need 256 GB disk size each, is that correct ?Thank you.christian.Continue

File Level Recovery for Linux VMs with LVM?

Started by James Chavez in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by Jerry Schmidt Nov 7. 1 Reply

Hi Does VMPro do FLR for Linux VMs with multiple VMDKs in a LVM configuration?ThanksContinue

Tags: Linux, VMPro

Dxi 1000 can't mount filesystem on ESX

Started by Pawel Kusmierczyk in DXi V1000 INSTALLATION FORUM. Last reply by Pawel Kusmierczyk Nov 7. 6 Replies

The log /var/log/messeges is below:fsm: StorNext FSS '[0]': PANIC: /usr/cvfs/bin/fsm ASSERT failed "ha_smith_interval >= MIN_HA_INTERVAL && ha_smith_interval <= MAX_HA_INTERVAL" file…Continue

Backup Error: Error writing file

Started by Brian Whelan in GENERAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Last reply by Brian Whelan Oct 29. 2 Replies

I am backing up 16 VMs using vmPRO v3.2.1. Each day a different number (1-15) of VMs fail citing an error simliar to this:smartcp: Error writing file. (buffer 0x7f3ca82609f0, count 131072, offset 5992648192) : Bad file descriptorThis system worked…Continue

Tags: Error, vmPro


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