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"App Environment" tab and Veeam stopped working after DXi upgrade

Everything was working fine prior 4.9.0.

When I upgraded to 4.9.0, the DXi web interface complained about insufficient memory, so I tweaked the Hyper-V memory config to raise the allocation, and those errors went away.

However, the Veaam integration stopped working after a while. I've noticed the "App Environment" config page where you set up Veaam in the first place no longer functions - when I click on the tab, I get a generic "An unknown error has occurred" message, which appears to be caused by a 500 error being returned from an endpoint,

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to suss out any more diagnostic information to explain what is going wrong, and the logs in the web GUI don't show anything.

I have noticed that /scratch/collect/node1-collection/app-info/bpw.log quickly fills up with duplicated error logs: "bw_bfst_context_get_lock_held: Non-blocking request for a BFST context failed without queuing a range for sync. May lead to PTR 51169." As a result of this, /scratch runs out of capacity. I tried a manual purge of the log and it immediately filled back up with > 50 gigabytes of this error. Not sure it's related, but that's definitely an issue.

As a result, I'm worried I'm going to have to do a complete reinstall of my DXi, which sounds like a pain.

Anyone have any ideas?

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