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Hello there!  Welcome to Quantum Virtual Data Protection Download Kit. 

Download away dear friends and let us know what you think about our DXi V1000 products.

This link will download a ZIP file containing the DXi V1000 program. You will need to have access keys to use these files - if you don't have an access key already, please use this form to get a free key code emailed to you as well as the software.

Important: End User License Agreement (pdf)
Please review this document before downloading any of the DXi V1000.

Now available, Download the V5000 trial version 
(GA version to follow in Summer 2021)

Download DXi V1000 2.3.4 Here

Download DXi V1000 2.X to 2.3.4 UPGRADE HERE

(ZIP file - file will ask to download when you click these links)

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