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We at Quantum are proud to announce that the first iteration of the V5000 virtual DXi download is now available from here. Now anyone can download and run the latest DXi software.

This first version is somewhat restricted in operations and not meant for production data, but the next version (scheduled for later this summer, stay tuned!) will be unrestricted for all users and fully enabled for production data. It is also planned to have a 5 TB capacity.

In terms of the current version:

  • 1 TB capacity maximum, not upgradable
  • 8 month expiration after install, not extednable
  • No Quantum support is offered, but there will be community support available by posting questions on this forum.

Please download and use this software and let us know what you think! Either via this forum or via the email address included.

 Steve Wright Quantum DXi Product Manager 
 Steve.Wright@Quantum.com | Quantum.com

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