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I received the dxi v5000 community edition download link by e-mail, but the download does not work because the server response is delayed or the connection is not made.

Can anyone guide me to download v5000?

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Is your connection good? I don't have any other links to download from at the moment.

I recieved download link in email  domain "mysoftware.quantum.com" + <download hash>

I reconnect download link, but download link response delay or not response.

I connect test "quantum.com" then, response are good.

I think mysoftware.quantum.com domain server is not activate.

How can i do that download?

please send me how to download DXi v5000 (Community edition)

That link works for me. Can you try it again? The link is active and available.

As you can see, when you access the link received by e-mail, it does not download.

Even if you try on a different network, you won't be able to connect in the same way.

Is there any other way to download it?


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