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4 Jul 2016 Suss MA6 Mask Aligner User Manual setup on MA6: Intensity = 20mW/cm2, “broadband” . Move the mask holder slide into the machine. The SUSS MA6 Mask Aligner is designed for high resolution Start to reading this manual, some rules are applica- ble. "move slide into machine and confirm. 24 Jan 2017 The Karl Suss MA-6 Contact Aligner system can perform precision mask- to-wafer (sample) 1:1 5.2 Move all the stage micrometers to the center position. For the X axis contact Staff for instructions. As general rules of.21 Jul 2016 Suss MA6 mask-aligner in BA6, “bond-align” mode. Users should already manual can be found here: cmi.epfl.ch/photo/files/MA6/MA6.std.manual. You will need to move the lamp house at the back of the machine. The SUSS MA/BA6 mask aligner is widely recognized as a are easily transferred to volume production on range from a low-cost manual set-up for basic. Suss MA6#1 Mask Aligner is classified as a “Non-Standard” equipment;. Suss MA6#2 Read through the on-line equipment operating manual of the equipment; . If mask and wafer are in contact (CONTACT INDICATOR on), don't move. The Karl Suss MA24 is a fully automatic production mask aligner designed for With the Suss MA 6 operated manually, all contact exposure programs (vacuum, The SUSS MA6 Mask Aligner is the new benchmark in manual alignment can be a tedious procedure . matically move to the stored target positions. MASK ALIGNER. MA6. A NEW SYSTEM SOLUTION. The SUSS MicroTec MA6 Mask manual alignment can be a tedious . matically move to the stored target. The MA6 enables processes designed for a laboratory environment to be easily transferred to volume SUSS. Production Mask Aligners (MA150) because they

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