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Hi All,

First time post here.  I've been slowly testing out the DXi appliance and am liking it so far.  One issue that crops up though is where to download the updates. 

I'm currently on version 4.5.2 using a Community Edition license and am trying to update to the recently released 4.8.  I've tried using the GUI in "Home -> Software Upgrade -> Check Now", and it just tries for a 10 or 20 seconds then returns "No software upgrades were found during the most recent upgrade check".

Any ideas how to get the current 4.8 upgrade?  MFA would be particularly nice to test out.

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Glad you are liking it!  

The "Home/Software update" doesn't currently have a version newer than 4.5.2 available, but we will have an update to 4.8 available shortly. This update will include MFA and password rules, among various other fixes. 4.8 is GA now but unfortunately we don't have a means to distribute it outside of licensed users. it's coming soon though.

At some point in the next 2 weeks you should see an upgrade pop-up as available. Just select it and the upgrade should be painless.


Just following on from this thread to see if 4.8 upgrade is available for Community Edition users now?

Keen to try out some of the new features.

Hi Michael,

The 4.8 release should be available via the "software upgrade -> check now" in the next few weeks. When it's available you'll see the ability to upgrade updated and you can do it with a click. Due to some technical issues there has been a delay, but normally we make the upgrade available via the GUI within about 3 weeks of GA.



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