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I'm receiving an e-mail "SmartMotion storage is running low on space (83% full)" from the vmPRO appliance and want to set the limit a little bit higher. I'm almost sure I saw that threshold configurable somewhere during the setup but cannot find it anymore. :-o Where is it hidden?!

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Hello TM,

This warning is referring to the NAS that vmPro utilizes to save snapshots to. If you increase the size of the NAS the warning should stop.


I don't want to increase the NAS space, I want to adjust the percentage when an alert shall be generated. The bigger the storage, the higher should that threshold be, because even 10% could still mean hundreds of gigabytes available...

Is that value "hardcoded" somewhere?! :-o

At this time,as far as I know there is not a customer facing option to change watermarks for when warnings or errors are generated.

I don't mind changing it somewhere in the source files if possible, I just need to know where...


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