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We currently use VmPro along with DXi which syncs offsite to another DXi.  What would best practice be to recover VM's in a disaster recovery situation since we have access to the raw data vmpro backups with the remote DXi?


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I like to use the DXi Directory and File based replication over NFS - that way at the DR site I have an NFS share that is always visible and has the latest VM backup data in it. I could deploy a vmPRO from the template during DR, or I could attach some of my ESX hosts to the DXi to use the VM images directly.

It depends on your preferences though, you can also use Namespace/scheduled replication on the DXi for DR but there will be a manual step to first recover the share on the DR side DXi.

In my case here I have my ESX hosts mounting the DXi both the local and remote data centers so hosts can always see which backups are available at either site:


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