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Hello all.

I am testing free vmPRO Standard Edition.

Quantum sent me a Serial number and link to download license key.

My Problem is: vmPRO don't accept this license: license is invalid (Q-1028).

The Evaluation mode will expire in 17 days. How can I enable license?


Many thanks and greetings from Germany.



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When you paste in the license key, make sure there are no trailing spaces on the end of the string -- if there is any extra white space the vmPRO will not take the key.

Hello DoubleDensity.

Thanks for your reply. I contacted the Quantum support: there is a problem by linking the vmPRO and license key. Quantum support will help me soon.

Best Regards from rainy Germany.



I have the same Problem with Q-1028. What is the solution for it?



Hi to you,

I also have the very same problem: What is the solution (no trailing space - and also a german...).

Kind regards


Anyone ? How am I supposed to ever pay for this software if cannot even properly use the quantum door-opener ?



While this is a long-open post, since addressed elsewhere but for the sake of people searching today, I shall add a little bit.

I suspect everybody above went through the right process.  For folks reading this since then, one thing to note is the Product Key Certificate you receive via email is not the license key.  This is mentioned in the email:

"The attachments to this email include information on downloading and enabling your software or new software features. Print or save the attachments, they contain the necessary serial numbers and authorization codes for obtaining licenses [online] and installing the software and features."

This is also mentioned on the certificates:

This (example) key certificate is used to generate the actual license key online.  That requires mosaic.quantum.com be accessible from your network.  Check that it is by going there with your web-browser.  If you cannot access the site, you may need to check your subnet or firewall settings.  If you can access the WWW but mosaic is down, please let us know.

Kind regards,


Hello I can't connect to https://mosaic.quantum.com

I can't to see licenses.

Working on this now, thank you Pawel!

Pawel, the issue has been resolved and Mosaic is now available again. Please report if you have any issues!


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