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Hi everyone,

I try to test the free vmPRO 3.1.2 on my free ESXi 5.5.0 host. When I try to add the license key I get the information that the license key is not valid (Q-1028). I only copy the license key and no spaces. You can see it in the attachment. Can anyone help me?


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Hello Thomas,

I do not work with license key generation so hopefully someone on the forum will be able to chime in and help you. From the picture it looks like a valid vmPro license key. You could try requesting another key.

I did want to point out that one of the vmPro requirements as seen below is to use only paid versions of ESX or ESXi. VmPro will be able to see the free ESX or ESXi server(s) and the VM(s) contained on the server(s) however when you try to export a VM for backup, an error will be seen that indicates the ESX or ESXi license is not supported for snapshots and you will be unable to actually backup the vmdk files for the VM(s).

The following are the system requirements for the Quantum vmPRO.
• One or more VMware ESX or ESXi servers, versions 4.0 update 2 or
later (Only paid versions of VMware ESX or ESXi servers should be
used. Free versions have various API limitations that prohibit vmPRO
from functioning as designed.); or a VMware vCenter server, version
4.0 update 2 or later.
• 12 GB of free disk space.
• At least 1280 MB of free RAM.
• Gigabit NIC port for data movement on the Quantum vmPRO host

• Internet Explorer and Firefox with Adobe Flash 9 or Flash 10 plugin

Can you verify that there are no trailing spaces on the end of the license key? You can do that by moving all the way to end of the field with your cursor -- sometimes there will be an extra blank space after the last character, if you see that try hitting backspace and then saving the key again.


thank you for your reply. I'm sure there are no spaces. To be on save side I copied the key first to the Windows Editor and from there to vmPRO.



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