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I have two V5000 CE's running in the lab. Both where running 4.5.0 and in both, I could login with ServiceLogin into the WebGUI.

I like to login with this account every now and then because of the extra views it provides under "Advanced reporting".

Since upgrading both to, when I login with ServiceLogin, I always get "Authentication Failure, invalid credentials". The "admin" account still works fine.
I tried re-enabling the "GUI Service" and made sure the password is correct etc.   nope still does not work.

The ServiceLogin account still works fine on the VMware KVM Console so I know the password is correct.

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I took a look at the product and removing this login to the GUI was intentional. We're working on various ways to manage security and access and this user was always intended as a CLI not a GUI user.

I'll look into the lost report when I get a chance. That was not intentional. it is probably available in a different way. Do you recall which reports specifically?  When I get a chance I'll a 4.5 install and compare.


Hello Steve,

I understand. But now I can no longer access the additional reports under "Advanced reporting" which really helped my support my customers. Is there an alternative way to view those?

Kind regards,

Hi Steve,

So i had to play around with this a little bit and we need to fix our documentation, but the userid to use is now servicegui. This is enabled via the GUI and called the "Gui Service" user. So enable the account and set a password and login as servicegui.

I think you'll find all your reports again.


Yes that did it. User "servicegui" indeed has all the extra reports. Thanks a lot !

Kind regards,


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