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(Note that these instructions have been updated as of April 2014)

Some customers may wish to use their DXi V1000 Standard Edition behind a corporate firewall that does not allow the product to reach out to it's licensing server (https://mosaic.quantum.com) to register and receive it's license automatically during installation.

For those customers, we have a solution for you to obtain a license text string which you can then manually enter (copy-and-paste recommended!) into the DXi GUI for immediate license activation.

Disconnected / Dark Site License Installation Information

For those customers who's DXi V1000 can not contact the Quantum License Server (currently https://mosaic.quantum.com/), there is an alternative set of instructions for installing your license that you obtain.

Note that all information about the installation and upgrade process is fully documented within the DXi V1000 Users Guide available on the Resources tab within the Forum.


  1. Make sure to note your Product Key as included in the Email that you received from Quantum. You will need this Product Key (not Serial number) to register your license with our system. (Hint: Your Product Key appears as "V1000 Product Key : Cxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" in the Email)
  2. Use your normal Internet-connected system to register your product at 
    Where you will provide your name, email and Product Key
  3. Once you have registered your license, you will receive an Email with a complete list of all your Serial Numbers and License Keys. These long string license keys are what you need to copy-and-paste into the DXi V1000 administration GUI.
    I suggest saving the Email to a text file that will make it easier to copy-and-paste later.
  4. For a new installation:
    1. Provide the Product Key during installation
    2. Use the License Key page in the Utilities menu and choose the "License Key", pasting in the long text license key that you obtained via the Email in step 1. 
      Note: the license key is long, must not contain any line breaks and must end in the "=" character. It will wrap on the screen when properly entered.
  5. For Upgrades from prior DXi V1000 releases:
    1. Follow the Dark Site Upgrade Licensing as documented in the DXi V1000 Users Guide
    2. After installing the upgraded software, use a Secure Shell client to connect to the DXi V1000's Administrative IP address and enter the following command:

      syscli --activate --productkey XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX 

      Where "XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" is your Product Key obtained in step 1.
    3. Use the License Key page in the Utilities menu and choose the "License Key", pasting in the long text license key that you obtained via the Email in step 1. 

If you have any questions about the Licensing process on the DXi V1000, check with the Users Guide first, then contact the Forum.

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Thanks Mark...keep the GREAT info coming!

How do you configure the DXI to use a HTTP/S proxy?

Instructions on how to do that could probably keep Mark from getting so many emails...

At this time, for license purposes, the DXi V1000 does not use an HTTP proxy.

So, manual entry licenses are what is available for situations where the V1000 is behind a corporate firewall.


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