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Just if you wonder that you seem to be the only one with an issue when searching in this forum - the search box right above the discussions lists will never show any result.

What makes it worse, is that the forum is basically excluded from search engines because only the main page is allowed to be indexed. :-(

The search box in the topmost right corner or this link works though:


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Thanks TM. Not being able to search this forum was doing my head in.

To the mods. It would be great if some of the fixes listed in the forums made it into KB articles. The Quantum KB is poor compared to other vendors.

I'll check with the team that manages the social media relations, thank you for calling this to Quantums attention.



Hi Alex. The search function of the forum is working - but if it's not working for you that is a problem. 

I'll look into your account info and contact NING - the company that makes the platform ForumV stands on. 




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