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I'm prepping this to be a Veeam repository and I understand that NFS is much faster than CIFS.

How do I set a username/password to offer up to Veeam to access the NFS based shares I created?

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Hello Seth,

I have attached Quantum's Best Practices for Veeam. Page 8 covers the NFS configuration steps.


Thanks.  Since my original post, I've managed to stand up a linux VM and mount the NFS share on the DXi VM to it and then add it in Veeam.  The issue, now, is that the repository in Veeam only shows it as being 30GB in capacity.  Where is that number coming from?  I've licensed the DXi appliance so it should have a TB available.

Figured out the issue. 


If you have time, can you advise of the resolution you implemented?

It wasn't an issue with the quantum appliance.

My Linxu VM mount wasn't properly in place so it was just using the local drive, which had 30GB.


I am trying to implement the DXi V1000 and get it linked with Veeam Backup and Replication.

After successful implementation, i am not able to install the licence of Veaam on Dxi V1000. I have visited the Licence page of quantum and pasted the Serial number of dxi v1000, but it showed no licence key.

Waiting for your reply!.



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