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I just set up teh standard version of VMPro. I exported 4 dev VM's and set up a smartbackup policy. I ran the job and 3 out of 4 vm's failed to back up. they returned a return ciode 4 error. the 4th one backed up fine. I have enabled CBT and quesce enabled.

VMTools is running on all VM's and is current. The failed vm's are Windows 2008 R2 server guests. The one that succeeded is a win 2003 server guest.

Any suggestions?


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Is there enough room on your data storage to create a snapshot of the guests that failed? You can test this by simply using vCenter to create a snapshot and seeing if that works.

Are the windows 2008 and 2003 guest VM's on the same ESX server or within at least the same vCenter?

vCenter snapshots with application quiesce work fine. All hosts are in the same vcenter datacenter and cluster. the 2 hosts that fail have a yellow backed YES icon in the exported column in the Virtual machines listing in VmPro web console. the working VM has a blue back.

One that works and one that fails are on the same host. the other failure is on a different host.

screenshot attached.


Sorry for the issue.

I'll look into your screen shot. Have you reviewed the vmPRO documentation in the Resources section? The yellow icon does not sound normal.

Can you toggle the VSS and CBT options off and just do a regular export and update us if you get an alert or not please?

Disabled CBT and VSS and they run successfully.

Do you have the VSS plugins installed on the Windows Servers?  Can you list the four servers and OS's here?

3 servers in test group.  First server runs successfully with CBT and VSS since the beginning.  It is w2k3 R2 SP2 server.  It has MS VSS service in manual.

Second server, fails with CBT and VSS, but succeeds with both disabled.  It is W2k8 R2 SP1 with VSS sefvice in manual.


Third server, aslo fails with CBT and VSS enables but succeeds with both disabled. Also W2k8 R2 SP2.  VSS service also in manual.

The Volume Shadow Copy service runs regardless of your installing the vss viewer.  Did you go to \\ipaddress_of_vmpro\quantum-support\vss\ and run the VSS viewer on each of these servers, respective of thier build?

Are you able to do export and cbt without VSS on these windows 2008?  Is this a problem with the VSS viewer?

Also i should ask what version of vmPRO you installed...?


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