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I added  Replication Throttle on Schedule, but it dos not apply to System. 

CONFIGURATION Replication indicates Throtlle is "None" Also I tried configured System Throtlle, looks seccess, but it also indicates "None". 

Did I miss any configuratin? When executed replication, used 100% of WAN, and Replication failed. 

Thank you very much for your help. 

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Sorry about that. The replication throttling doesn't work on the VM currently. We're working on ways to do that but the methods we use with our appliances don't help. We ended up leaving in the GUI because of time constraints.

Everything else works the same as on our appliances, except for DAE (Dynamic Application Environment -- doesn't make sense to run a VM in a VM), VTL (no Fiber Channel connection supported), and the standard license GUI (the VM has it's own licensing GUI currently).

Thank you very much for your reply. Impact to WAN very much. Stop replication until it will be avilable. We are waiting for throtlling on V5000.  Thank you very much. 

It is something we intend to do. You can, however, limit the bandwidth allowed a any given vm via the hypervisor (at least with VMware, but I think the other's as well).  This would accomplish the same thing.

Sorry we don't have that yet for the VM version of DXi.  It does work perfectly on our appliances, of course.


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