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Q to Quantum from Veeam SE: V1000 with Veeam Datamover support ?

Hi mates,

I downloaded the latest V1000 software in the hope for being able to use the new Veeam datamover support, so that I can show it in my Laptop lab.

I successfully installed the latest V1000 in my VMWare workstation, but found out, that it doesn't seem to support the Veeam datamover (so that the V1000 appliance could be added to my backupserver as a Linux repository).

Is it planned to have this support also available in the V1000, or only in your real boxes ?

Thanks for any info, Herbert

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As far as I know the DXi V1000 will not move to the 3.x code so the new Veeam plug in will not work with the DXiV1000.

That's a pity, but thanks for the info!


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