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Problems with Installing DXi V1000? Try the new DXi V1000 version 2.2!

We just released a brand new version of DXi V1000, version 2.2, that addresses many issues that people on the Forum have asked about in the past.

This newest version has some exciting new features and enhancements including:

• OST Automatic Image Replication support for sites with multiple NetBackup masters
• Improved replication scheduling and throttling for better performance
• Tested for use with VMware Workstation 9 on Intel platforms
• Support for VLANs in environments with and without DHCP


Already Have DXi V1000 Installed?
If you have successfully installed the previous DXi V1000 version 2.1.1, then you need only perform a firmware image upgrade. Please obtain the firmware image update and follow the instructions at the following URL :


Not Have DXi V1000 Installed Yet?
If you were unsuccessful in installing DXi V1000, then you can not perform an upgrade. I recommend re-registering for a new copy of DXi V1000. Note that you may need to use a different Email address than previously entered as our process limits registrations to one per Email address.
You will receive a new serial number and product key when you register for a free Standard Edition DXi V1000 version 2.2.


Please follow the registration process at the following URL:


Finally, if you complete either process above, but your DXi V1000 does not have access to contact our license server on the Internet, please contact me directly.


Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions.

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