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We took over IT from another firm and need to reset the password for a DXI4601 device.

Can you let us know how to reset this? We have physical access to the device of course.

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What password are you after?  The WebGUI?  Can you login via SSH with U:cliadmin P:cliadmin ?

Yes the webgui, and i can login as cliadmin - any suggestions on how to proceed?

btw this is returned after loggin in:

Product Model          = DXi4601

Hardware Configuration = 4600

System Version         = 2.1.3

Base OS Version        = 2.1.3-7712

Application Version    = 2.1.3-47427

SCM Build Version      = Build2

Kernel Version         = 2.6.18-164.15.1.qtm.4

ERROR: Locking: failed to open lock file (E3005)

ERROR: Locking: failed to open lock file (E3005)

BTW - any suggestions on how to remove the lock file?

Looks like there is no way to change GUI from the syscli utility which is access from the cliadmin credentials. Unsure of the lock files as well.

Do you have a service contract?  We can jump on and change the password for you via root access.


Hi Jon,

thank you for your assistance. I'll have to check this - remember this is an old installation we inherited - we have no documentation about this setup.

I'll get back to you on this.

Seems you need the serial number, can you check with this one?

Service Tag 87RMKS1

Hi Mac,

I checked the service tag and it has a current contract. The DXi is listed as located in Antwerpen; BE, so our EMEA team will be able to help you reset that Web GUI admin password. We just need to get a service request opened.

You can either send me or Jon a private message with your contact information, once we have that we can get a service request opened for you or if you like, you may call +800-7826-8888 or +49-6131-3241-1164, then reference the service tag 87RMKS1 and open the case yourself.


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