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I cannot manage to activate log truncation on Windows 2012 Server. I disabled UAC specifically for that, and I can now launch programs without being asked as before. But the task "Updating VSS setting..." takes forever and ultimately fails.

It would be especially helpful to know how to enable it manually, e.g. which registry setting can be done manually or by a scripted install. The documentation says absolutely nothing about it.

Since my 2012 server is a SQL DB, I think this is a crucial feature.

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Hi TM,

-Are you running 3.1.1 vmPRO code?

-Are the vmtools up to date?

-Have you used the GUI to install the latest VSS update?

-What error does the GUI generate, this makes it alot easier to trace where things are going wrong....





Hi Jon,

- Version 3.1.1 (5975, Mon May 13 17:36:44 PDT 2013, build2)

- VMware Tools are up to date (ESXi 5.1 build 1065491)

- On a Win7 64 bit VM I tried the GUI, but failed, probably due to UAC; after disabling UAC (+ reboot) it worked via GUI, and then I re-enabled UAC. On a 2012 server VM I installed the QuantumVSS.exe manually to avoid disabling UAC. Then I tried to enable log truncation via GUI, but even on the 2nd attempt without UAC I got an error. I supplied domain account (domainname\username) credentials in the GUI.

But now I tried it with a local account (machinename\username) and it worked!

- I forgot to write down the GUI error code.

I suppose enabling log truncation makes only sense for SQL and Exchange servers? Or is there a benefit (or drawback) if it's enabled on a W2K3 DC, or a Win7 client?

The LogTr icon got yellow after the backup ("Waiting for the signal complete the backup..."), I have to clear that status manually via the "Complete Backup (VSS)" button? Or is there any "auto-complete" function in place?

Hi TM,

Truncation is intended for SQL and Exchange definately.  I've not seen any advantage to using this in a Domain Controller or Win7 environment, but i suppose this is Microsofts recommendation to make anyway.

Did the yellow indication clear on its own?  This is from an alert in the vmpro GUI?




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