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I'm getting error: "QSys_Activate failed: Activate: Couldn't fetch key from activation server. (E6023656)"

SN: CX1336CAD00230

Can you provide the license key?

Note, If it matters, I had to downgrade back to for this SN/Key.  I had been running on this but tried upgrading to 2.3.4. On 2.3.4 I can't copy any files larger than a few MB without it crashing and going into Diagnostic mode. (Blockpool failures/restarts)  I have the same problem with a fresh install of v 2.3.4 also, so I'm just going to stay on the older version that seems to work fine.  I'm just mentioning this in case the upgrade and subsequent downgrade has cause a problem with the SN/Key.

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Sorry, you can disregard this.  I found that I can self-service at the site: https://mosaic.quantum.com/register?


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