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Good morning,

i'm facing a strange issue regarding DXi V5000 Community Version: i have many errors about Resources, as well as "No Space left on System"; but according to dashboard i see

Disk Usage
Disk Capacity 5.00 TB % of Capacity
Available Disk Space    3.73 TB
Free Space 3.72 TB
Reclaimable Space 10.66 GB
Used Disk Space 1.27 TB
Deduplicated Data 1.24 TB
Data Not Intended For Deduplication   0.00 MB
System Metadata 27.62 GB

deduplication is active on the system; could this give problem to space calculation? 

Anyone had the same problems?

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This is odd. Could you post a screenshot of your error messages? Everything looks healthy from what I see.

Also, how is your VM setup? Could you be out of physical space on the VM Host? DXi reports what the host tells it but the host may not have the space available it reports.

here's attatched. 



it appears as if the space wasn't reserved and the hypervisor ran out of physical space. What hypervisor is this? With any of them the VM may be presented with more resources than actually exist.

it's caused to memory saturation... thanks! anyway... now the system is up but couldnt get the ipaddress... i think something broke up

I always struggle a big with ip connections/bridges on virtual systems so I don't know if I can help with that. I try to check this forum every day or so so if you have ny more questions please post them here.


found the issue... it was just too much ram assigned to the machine... probably due to the Community Edition limitations, more than 4GB of ram cause the system and webinterface malfunction. Everything ok since dropped the ram to 4GB

thanks for the help!


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