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When mounting the share \\<vmPRO-appliance>\recover, which user credentials should I have to supply? I joined the AD with vmPRO, so I assumed I can access the share with domain credentials, but this doesn't work.

I can map the share when I use the vmPRO sysadmin user and pw. Is this the normal behaviour, or is there something wrong with my domain join?

Then I thought let's create a separate user for restore/recovery, but with the "user" privilege I also do not get access to that share?!

Does this mean even for read access to the recover or files share, one has to reveal an user/pw with admin privileges?

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Go to Configure\CIFS. Specify the AD groups and users you want to grant access.

Thanks! It was the "NETBIOS Name" field that I did not fill in that caused the problems.

(It still said "vmPRO is currently joined to domain" and a computer account was created, but mounting the shares wasn't possible.)


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