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The newest version of our award winning DXi V1000 is now available for immediate download, version 2.2. New licensing requires that all current users of DXi V1000 upgrade to the newest 2.2 version no later than April 30th. This mandatory upgrade is required for continued, non-disruptive functionality of your DXi V1000. This upgrade is easy, fast and requires little downtime to your DXi V1000. Upgrade Here.

This newest version has some exciting new features and enhancements including:

  • OST Automatic Image Replication support for sites with multiple NetBackup masters
  • Improved replication scheduling and throttling for better performance
  • Tested for use with VMware Workstation 9 on Intel platforms
  • Support for VLANs in environments with and without DHCP

To upgrade follow the below steps.  Internet connectivity is required for your DXi V1000 to obtain your software license.

  1. Use your Web browser to download the firmware image update file from http://forms.quantum.com/Software/V1000upgrade  (Note: the file will end with ".FW.ZIP")
  2. Unzip so that the .FW file is saved on your machine.
  3. Connect to your DXi V1000 system and navigate to Utilities -> Software Upgrade
  4. Click the Choose File button and pick the firmware image file that you downloaded
  5. Click the Upload button followed by the Start button to begin the firmware image update
  6. When completed, you will be asked to activate the image by clicking OK
  7. You may need to clear any Administrative Alerts by following the instructions on the screen. (You may need to navigate to the Admin Alerts page. Return to the Utilities -> Software Upgrade screen when done)
  8. Click the Activate button to confirm and follow the prompts.
  9. Once activated, the DXi V1000 will automatically reboot, obtain any necessary software license keys and be operational again. (Note: It may take several minutes before the system reboots)

Additional Support and Resources

  • DXi V1000 Technical Support Forum, Forum V. Be sure to join our support forum to keep up      to date on the latest product enhancements, as well as gain access to installation and technical, learn Tips & Tricks from our product team as well as other users. www.quantum.com/forumv.
  • FREE VM Backup Software, vmPRO Standard Edition www.quantum.com/freevmpro.

Thank you for choosing Quantum!

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