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Hello -

I recently downloaded the 1TB version of the Quantum DXi v1000. and now I need to download it again.  I tried a request to receive new software download for just the appliance but I don't see any option to download the software again.  Can anyone point me on the right direction on this?

Secondly, I wanted to see if it's possible to use a shared datastore for the Quantum DXi v1000?  I have a VMware VMFS datastore with other virtual machines on it that is based off local disks on a server and wanted to see if it's possible to just carve out let's say 800GB to the DXi v1000 appliance and leave the rest of the space/data unchanged?  


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Hello Michael! 

You can download the latest DXi V1000 release here from our Downloads page any time:


For your second question, yes you can use a shared datastore for the DXi V1000. I don't think you can carve out 800 GB explicitly for the V1000, but it will coexist with other VMs on the datastore as long as there is available space.

If you deploy the V1000 with Thin Provisioning, it will start out needing around 35 GB of space and then slowly grow based on the amount of data you are sending in to it.

If you want to force the V1000 to a smaller size on disk, let me know and I can explain an unsupported procedure which is available to accommodate that.

Check out the Downloads tab at the top of this page which will direct you to the site where you can re-download the V1000 image without requesting an additional license.

Also, you are welcome to use the same .zip file you received on multiple systems, as long as you request a license for each one. 

You can use thin provisioning of VMware data stores with the V1000. Note that the amount of capacity actually used depends not only on what's been ingested, but also on any extra clean up that hasn't taken place yet from the dedup pool.

The V1000 has also been tested with VMware Workstation and I know that it works on Fusion (for demo purposes!) on my laptop that clearly doesn't have anywhere near enough HD capacity. Just know what the recommended minimums are and understand that the system may easily chew up to 1.5TB depending on what data you supply to it (overhead of the OS plus the 1TB license).


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