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Hello everyone, I'm new here and wanted to give me a hand, I downloaded the "virtual appliance" of dxi v1000 on VMware ESXi hypervisor v5.1 no problem displaying it, the point is that when you start the virtual machine boot during startup of services, there is a task that says "verify memory size for blockpool" which takes long time to finish, so it is no response for more than 15 minutes. intervene so that pressing any key to see if anything happened continuously and effectively with the rest services, however the task mentioned shows the following output: cp can not stat 'opt / dxi / blockpool_settings.txt': no such file or directory ", which I think is responsible for that as you can not start the service should therefore generally affect the process of installing and configuring the dxi v1000 to go to the website to end already mentioned that this is show warnings appear: "LIMITED MODE" and "diagnostic system state is" making me an obstacle to complete the installation.
If someone had a similar scenario and know how you have solved it please I would appreciate a response

thank you very much

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Changed to 2GB of RAM - fails saying needs 4GB of RAM.

Changed to 6GB of RAM - stops on verify memory size for blockpool and then 'cp can not start opt / dxi / blockpool_settings.txt No such file or directory'

Changed back to 4GB of RAM (actually to 4096MB) - back to 'verify memory size for blockpool'

Note : prior to all of this - no web page is advertised/available

I press Enter - gets past this - says 'verify memory size for blockpool and then 'cp can not start opt / dxi / blockpool_settings.txt No such file or directory' per usual

goes to login screen on VM...

it then claims about module license proprietary taints kernel

mounts filesystem vol0 which stays for probably 30 seconds


disconnects/unmounts vol0 and sends init: sending processes the term signal- and just sits there

i press enter and i get a login prompt

note: at this stage the web page is up in 'limited mode' and it tells me the system state is diagnostic.

remember my underlying hardware is AMD (not intel) so guessing this is expected....



What version of ESX or ESXi are you running, is this the paid or free version?  How many disks do you show associated with the v1000?  Are these thick or thin provisioned?  Where did you download the v1000 image from and what version is it?

We are failing to build the blockpool correctly, maybe i can replicate the problem.  Please post the boot trace of the v1000 so we can look it over.



Also, i must stress we need to work in an Intel environment, it won't work with AMD for a couple reasons.

There should be no modification to the OVF either, needs to remain as its intended to be deployed.

Jon, morning,

Its ESXi 5.0.0 623860, I have 9 thin provisioned disks....image came from Quantum, it has a timestamp on the files of 4/4/2012 4.455pm

Per my previous msg...I am on an AMD chipset mate, so, no point going anywhere else with this mate (unless you want some debug specifics on the AMD stuff, let me know and I can make these available to you)


You did test in a intel environment as well though, correct?

Jon..........no I havent tested in an Intel environment.

Will try to do so over the weekend :)

Ok, let's pursue this and get back on it after the weekend. Thanks for testing.

jon......tested on my intel based vSphere5.x host - currently looking at the 'wizard' so I can do the config. will get a license and plug it all together :)

100% success. connected my vmPRO to my Dxi.....good results. i only have a few VMs in my lab but a couple of DB servers some linux and windows 2008 guests...(all VM by the way - hence vmPRO)

from the DXi

Data Reduction Statistics

I would call this one fixed!  Thanks GregW.  Please open a new thread if it applies so Quantum Support can address further issues.



Quantum ASPS

Jon - if you need a hand in the future with AMD chipset and testing - drop me a line.


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