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i'm unable to download the 2.3.3 update file as provided link still point to one, is there anyone who  can provide the correct link?

kind regards

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I checked the Quantum website and our internal website. is the most current version at the moment. 2.3.3 has not yet been released.

The link is now correct and allows download of the v2.3.3 software.

the 2.3.3 version download link is correct for full installation file only (.ova)

if you click the link related to 2.3.3 upgrade file (.fw) still points to

kind regards

I recive a runtime error when trying to download the full or update

 <!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->  <configuration>     <system.web>         <customErrors mode="Off"/>     </system.web> </configuration>

I am not sure what is causing the issue with the links. Until that is resolved, I have placed the OVF and Firmware Image at the following link. 



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