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DXi Secure Snapshot - Recovering from a Ransomware Attack without paying Ransom

There's nothing more critical these days than being prepared to recover form a ransomware attack - without paying ransom. You protect your network and systems, of course, but on the other side the ransomware attackers are working on ways to get around your protections.

One way to recover from a ransomware attack is simply to recover systems from backup. But the attackers know this, and are trying to attack your backups as well as your live data.

To make sure you can recover, DXi now includes Secure Snapshot in the 4.5 DXi release, expected to be GA in Feburary 2022. This will be available in all of our current hardware appliance offerings (DXi4800, DXi9000, DXi9100) as is already available in our DXi V5000. Even the Community Edition!

Watch this video for more details and instructions:

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