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DXi 6802 error: Nodeclient failed to connect to noded server

There is error message at DXi6802 , ERROR: Nodeclient failed to connect to noded server. (E803)

I  have try reboot using syscli , but not work.

Please your advice , asap


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What version of DXi are you using? And which client?

Hi Steve,

below capture login as cliadmin,

login as: cliadmin
Last login: Mon Nov 29 19:21:47 2021 from

Product Model = DXi6802
Hardware Configuration = 6802
System Version = 2.3.2
Base OS Version = 2.3.2-12170
Application Version = 2.3.2-55464
SCM Build Version = Build12
Kernel Version = 2.6.18-164.15.1.qtm.4

ERROR: Nodeclient failed to connect to noded server. (E803)
ERROR: Nodeclient failed to connect to noded server. (E803)


I took a look through some of our trouble tickets and didn't find anything directly related to this error. Do you have current support? If so that would be the fastest way to go.

I'm glad to look further, but please give me some more details. What were you doing that you got this error? Is it related to a specific share? What had you just changed when it happened?

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately i don't have contract support for this one. I'm trying to login as root , but have no password yet from our vendor.
I do nothing for this server, I already known from vtl status from my backup server which all vtl robot status down. Then i try to restart the Dxi server ,but Dxi application could not started


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