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Hi, I'm using vmPro since a month, and I'm enjoying it.

Theses days I had forced reboots due to power failures (the winter strikes back in France).

I have noticed that the first backup after reboot is failing:

Error Message   Error in copying file '/export/Production/zenoss/zenoss-pancbt.vmdk': /usr/local/pancetera/bin/cbt_getblocklist.pl --server --portnumber 443 --username root --password ****** --vmuuid 564d0eaf-c56c-37f5-532a-659e3e31bd7a --vmname zenoss --vmdkpath /vmfs/volumes/4f51de78-b536a2dc-ff60-0019b9497d03/zenoss/zenoss.vmdk --vmdksize 21474836480 --changeid_only n --resultsfile /tmp/queryv9Mfoy --vendor_id Quantum --appliance_uuid c8a768ce698311e29943005056a68278 --changeid_incr 52 14 37 cb 3b e2 a4 53-78 7b d5 c0 c4 d4 de 23/7.  Return code: 8

Maybe a bug.


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Sounds like we might be having trouble referencing the snapshot to get our CBT done.  Toggle the export/cbt off on that vm and then on again in the vms>Virtual machines tab of the GUI. This will force a full backup the next run and should fix your cbt reference issue.




I'm agree with your procedure because the 2nd bakcup is full.

But, I think that if vmPro detect a CBT issue, it could run a FULL, without any intervention.


Agreed, there are definately some bugs to this affect being worked to make this run smoother.

Check the backup settings and make sure that all necessary services are operating properly if your vmPro backup is failing after a reboot. Some services might not restart themselves after a reboot.Gb Whatsapp Apk


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