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Dear Community,

using vmPro Standard Edition for doing backups of virtual (linux) machines on ESXi 5.5, I can't find any information on how to include the memory state in the backup process of running VMs.

In the vSphere Client, when doing manual snapshots, I can simply select to include a memory snapshot, but how can I tell vmPro to include the memory?

The VMs are linux machines, so VSS is not an option. The VMs have vmware tools installed (open-vm-tools).

Thanks a lot!

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Not currently an option. Do you have a compelling reason why this might be a desirable enhancement?

It is the old "crash consistent" vs. "application consistent" backups question.

And yes, this would be a desirable enhancement.

Spoke with the development team and wrote a request for enhancement to include this in future versions of vmPRO.

Thanks for the suggestion,


Sounds promising! Thank you for having an eye on this.


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