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I have Problems when i try to Backup my VMs.

My ServerOS (Free Hypervisor 5.1) and my VMs are, windows Home-Server and Windows 7 and ubuntu server 12.04.

I have a Free Lizenz for my Server. I can make Snapshots in vSphere client for my MVs.

Now i try to make Backups with vmPro. Software is configured and try to run Backups of my VMs.

After some Minutes, i get this Error Message.

Cannot create snapshot 'Quantum: a58e7ffc750511e2affa9d75d07a564d' for VM 'WHS2011':RestrictedVersion:Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution of the requested operation. Restricted ESX version, such as Free ESXi, does not allow snapshots.: Operation not permitted

Is in Free Hypervisor 5.1, no Backup Option allowed.



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Unfortunately it is required to have a least a VMware vSphere Essentials license installed inside the ESX hosts, the free license version will not work. 

The required licensed feature is called the 'vStorage API' and it is disabled on an ESX host when using the free license, and so the backups from vmPRO cannot operate.

Hello DoubleDensity

Thank's for your fast Answer

The Lizenz for this Feature is expensive. For Homeusers unaffordable.

So i must copy the VMs in commandline mode to another HD.

I hope this will work. The Data Parts i backup on another way.



It is correct that the current vmPRO does check to see if the free ESX server is in use and prevents use of vmPRO in that product. Frankly, it's because VMware did not provide the proper VMware API for Data Protection (VADP) on the free ESX server. 

That has changed with ESX 5.1 from what I understand, but our product doesn't know that, and thus prevents operation on free ESX.

We will address this in a future release of the vmPRO software.


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