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Not sure if this is the right place for this, feel free to move the post if it's not. 
After using the DXi-V5000 for a little while, there are a few feature requests that I'd like to submit.

1. SSL Redirection: It would be nice if the web GUI automatically redirected http requests to https.  I'd rather not have to drop a firewall or proxy in front of it to do this.

2. Let's Encrypt Cert: On SSL certificates, some kind of automatic integration with Let's Encrypt would be great.  It would make it super easy to get a trusted SSL cert deployed.  Great for compliance.

3. The SSL settings only currently allow importing of a .CRT file.  Ideally it would be good to support multiple formats like PEM, PKCS#12 with a password, seperate root/intermediate certificate import, seperate public and private key import, etc...  Saves messing around for OpenSSL instructions or even worse using some public website to try to get the format correct.

4. Email Notication Settings: It would be great to be able to support SMTPS (TLS and SSL) and specify ports.  This would make getting notifications out much easier if using M365, G-Suite or other modern mail servers that do not support either unencrypted or unauthenticated SMTP any more.

5. Support for a TPM in DXI-V and Volume Level Encryption: I understand that there are a whole heap of complexities around this, but my thinking is that if the DXI supported a TPM, then volume level encryption might be possible without impacting the dedupe or compression functionality.  This would be great for compliance where you have to prove data-at-rest but don't want yet another physical server (i.e. a small DXI-V at a tertiary site or branch office locations, etc...).

6. Physical Key Encryption: For a bit of "pie-in-the-sky" thinking.  On volume encryption, it would be awesome to have something like a Yubikey that is phsyically passed through to the VM or attached to an appliance.  When the key is removed, the DXI is locked and encrypted.  That might be a handy feature for those sites with high risk (i.e. Gov, HealthCare), or even if physically transporting an appliance (transport the appliance and key seperately).

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Thanks for all of this! I don't have a timeline on anything but I'm recording all of these.

Please continue to post any thoughts you have here. I will be watching.

Really like the idea of these feature request!

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